Pressure Washing

For surfaces that tolerate higher water velocity, we use commercial grade equipment to ensure your results are the best they can be.

pressure washing a driveway

Soft Washing

Our specialized low pressure “soft washing” technique uses cleaning products that are formulated to break down organic compounds, leaving your outdoor structures looking like new, your aggregate surfaces sparkling, and your gorgeous lawn intact.  It’s safer to use, faster, and more effective than other products in use.

Window Cleaning

We’ll do the reaching for you – up to 30’ from the ground, using triple-filtered water through our water-fed pole system. Your windows will look amazing and you’ll have the best view you can ask for.

Aggregate/Concrete Sealing

Your poured concrete or aggregate surfaces will look better and last longer when they are protected from the harsh elements by high quality sealer.  SECC cleans aggregate and seals, proudly using Clemmons® brand sealer.

Gutter Cleaning

Our SECC team cleans your gutters, inside and out. We’ll remove debris, flush the gutters and downspouts, and finish by pressure washing the gutter exteriors to freshen their appearance.
White home with paver decking surrounding pool

Paver Clean, Sand, and Seal

We will clean, fill in the polymeric sand, set the sand, and then seal your stone pavers with a high grade water repellent seal – it’s like Rain-X for your pavers.

Clean. Period.
(It’s what you’re expecting, isn’t it?)